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Chinese Restaurant Balham



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Chinese Restaurant Balham

Navigating the vast culinary seas, Imperial City is your anchor to authentic Chinese dining in Balham. Situated conveniently for all the food enthusiasts, our establishment is the epitome of rich tradition and innovation, blended seamlessly to form an unforgettable dining experience.

Offering an array of meticulously prepared dishes, our menu is not just a list; it’s a journey. Dive into our renowned dim sum, delight in our perfected duck that merges crunch and succulence, or indulge in our artful dumplings that embody culinary tales from the heart of China.

With over 50 tantalising choices, embrace an evocative trip through the lanes of Chinese gastronomy. We welcome you into our home. So stop by for a visit today or reserve your table online. We make meal planning simple and straightforward. And we look forward to serving you.


A Haven Beyond Dining

At Imperial City, we believe in creating moments, not just meals. Our ambience is crafted to evoke a sense of belonging and warmth. Whether you’re here for a quiet rendezvous or celebrating a momentous occasion, our setting gracefully complements the mood.

Our commitment is to make every visit not just a meal but a memory, where the food and the setting create a harmonious symphony of experiences. We’ve worked hard to create an atmosphere that’s welcoming and comforting. So join Imperial City and stay a while. We’d love to have you here.


Exquisite, Yet Affordable

Fine dining is an experience, not an extravagance. We cherish our patrons, which is why we offer an attractive 20% discount for both dine-in and online orders. Enjoy the richness of our dishes without the weight on your wallet.

Your Table, Reserved with Ease

Uncertainty has no place at our table. Secure your spot in our haven with effortless online


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The Imperial City, Now At Your Doorstep

While our ambience is unparalleled, we recognise the charm of a home setting. Our streamlined delivery service ensures that an Imperial City feast is only a few clicks away. Relish our specialties in the comfort of your abode.

Balham’s Culinary Beacon

The Imperial City promise is clear: unmatched service, an atmosphere that resonates, and an authentic Chinese culinary escapade. Dial 0207 371 8540 for reservations or to place an order. In the heart of Balham, your search for unrivalled Chinese dining concludes at Imperial City.

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