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Chinese Restaurant Battersea



Enjoy 20% OFF on Online Orders!


Chinese Restaurant Battersea

Strategically positioned near the vibrant locale of Battersea, Imperial City is more than a restaurant—it’s your local getaway for authentic Chinese cuisine. Forget about hopping on a plane; our dishes bring the essence of China to your plate right here in London. Convenient? We’d say exceedingly so.


Crafting Authentic Flavours, One Dish at a Time


You’re here for the food. What awaits your taste buds is a meticulously curated menu that flaunts an extensive range of authentic Chinese dishes. 


Picture the authentic tastes of steaming dim sum, luscious roasted meats, and an array of noodles and rice dishes so aromatic you’ll think you’re on a bustling Beijing street. And it’s all down to our chef’s expertise, honed through years of culinary training.

Atmosphere that Speaks Volumes

But we’re not just about the food. We’re about how you feel when you’re here. Our team strives to create an environment that’s not just welcoming but downright cosy. Whether it’s a family dinner, a friends’ get-together, or a romantic date, the mood at Imperial City sets the stage for a meal you won’t forget.


Special Offers? You Bet


We hear you—great food shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we offer a wallet-friendly 20% discount on all dine-in and online orders. Because, let’s face it, the only thing better than great food is great food that’s also a great deal.


Reserving Your Spot is a Breeze


Don’t leave your culinary outing to the whims of fate. Secure the best seats in the house with our hassle-free reservation system. Just scroll to the “Reservations” section on our homepage, fill out your details, and hit that “BOOK NOW” button. It’s that simple.



Feel like enjoying our dishes but not in the mood to step out? No problem. Our online ordering system ensures you don’t miss out on our culinary brilliance. Place your order and let us do the heavy lifting, bringing you a meal that will make your dining room feel like a royal court. That’s the Imperial City experience.


Your Go-to Chinese Restaurant near Battersea


Why roam in search of culinary excellence when it’s right here in Battersea? With an unmatched blend of authentic Chinese cuisine, an inviting atmosphere, and unbeatable offers, Imperial City stands out as the premium dining destination in the area. For reservations or orders, please give us a call on 0207 371 8540.

Bringing Imperial City to Your Doorstep

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