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Chinese Restaurant Earlsfield



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Chinese Restaurant Earlsfield

In the heart of London, Imperial City rises as a beacon for those with an insatiable appetite for bona fide Chinese cuisine. We don’t just serve food; we deliver culinary tales steeped in tradition, tied to every bite, every flavour. If you’re in Earlsfield and looking for a taste of Chinese, stop by Imperial City. You may also reserve your table online. It’s quick and easy!

Majestic Menus Await

Gone are the days of generic meals. At Imperial City, every dish is an adventure. Dive into an array of meticulously crafted dim sum, the perfect golden-crisp duck, and dumplings sculpted with passion. Our expansive menu, boasting over 50 delectable dishes, transforms dining into a voyage through the best of Chinese gastronomy.

Step into an Earlsfield Oasis

The moment you cross our threshold, you’re embraced by an ambience that whispers of warmth and sophistication. This isn’t just another restaurant; this is where memories are made, where every meal feels like an intimate gathering. Whether it’s a simple mid-week treat or a grand festivity, Imperial City provides the backdrop for every story.

Dining with Distinction

Experience a world where luxury meets affordability. While we pride ourselves on offering premium Chinese delicacies, we also believe that enjoying such an experience shouldn’t strain your finances. 

With this in mind, Imperial City is elated to offer an enticing 20% discount, available to both our esteemed dine-in guests and those who prefer the convenience of online orders.

Seamless Reservations

Don’t leave your special occasions to chance. With Imperial City, securing your spot is as effortless as a gentle breeze. Navigate our website, make your pick, and voila! A culinary evening par excellence awaits you in Earlsfield.


Request a Table

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Enjoy an Imperial Feast at Home

There are nights when all you desire is the embrace of your home, yet with the tantalising touch of gourmet dining. For those very moments, Imperial City rises to the occasion. 

We have meticulously designed our delivery service to ensure that even if you’re nestled comfortably at home, the grandeur and authenticity of our Chinese cuisine are never out of reach. All it takes is a simple online selection, and before you know it, an Imperial feast graces your dining table.

Earlsfield’s Culinary Gem

At Imperial City, we wear our reputation with pride: exemplary service, a magnetic ambience and above all, Chinese cuisine that stands unrivalled. Your search for the zenith of Chinese dining in Earlsfield concludes here. Reach out for reservations or to indulge in our culinary offerings: 0207 371 8540.

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