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Chinese Restaurant Wandsworth



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Chinese Restaurant Wandsworth

If Wandsworth is your stomping ground or even just a place you frequent, you’re in luck. Imperial City is just a stone’s throw away, offering a culinary experience that sets the gold standard for authentic Chinese dining in London. 


Easy to access and hard to forget—that’s us. We invite you to book your reservation now or place your order for delicious takeout at home.


The Essence of Authenticity


Let’s skip the preamble. When you dine at Imperial City, it’s not just about quelling hunger; it’s about exploring an extensive menu that’s a curated culinary exhibition.


We’re talking about expertly prepared dim sum, duck that strikes a balance between crisp and juicy, and handcrafted dumplings that have a story to tell. 


With a selection of over 50 mouth-watering dishes, every meal becomes a savoury exploration of what Chinese cuisine can be.

The Imperial City Experience


Food isn’t just fuel; it’s an emotion, a comfort. And when you step into Imperial City, the ambiance hits you. It’s inviting and homely, making every visit feel like you’re dining in your own personal sanctuary. 


It’s not just about the food; it’s about an environment where you can truly relish what’s on your plate. Be it a casual catch-up with friends or a landmark celebration, we’re the venue that accommodates it all.


Value-Added Dining: Deals That Please


An exquisite meal doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we offer a standout 20% discount on both dine-in and online orders. It’s a win-win situation—you save while savouring a feast that’s unequivocally delightful.

We Make Booking Easy


It’s simple, really. No need to leave your dining plans up in the air when you can reserve a table with us online. A few clicks on our website, and you’re all set! You’ve got yourself a guaranteed seat at the dining table of dreams.



Sometimes, your home is the venue of choice. We get it. That’s why we’ve streamlined our delivery service to be as straightforward as ordering a cab. Choose from our digital menu, place your order, and wait for culinary greatness to arrive at your doorstep.


A Staple in Wandsworth’s Culinary Landscape


Exceptional service, impeccable atmosphere, and, of course, unparalleled Chinese cuisine—that’s the Imperial City hallmark. Contact us for reservations or orders on 0207 371 8540. Your gastronomic quest for the finest Chinese cuisine near Wandsworth ends here.

Take Imperial City Home

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